Admissions criteria

Admissions criteria for rehabilitation and step-down services

Children may have wide ranging physical, cognitive, communication, developmental, and psychological needs which require rehabilitation or a step-down placement from hospital to home, or another suitable environment. We are able to consider children and young people aged 0-18 who: • have a brain injury, neuro-disability or complex health needs;
• are medically stable;
• have the potential to benefit from, and the ability to participate in a neuro-rehabilitation programme;
• require a period of stabilisation and preparation as a step-down from hospital before returning to home due to complex needs (including tracheostomy or long term ventilation). Our services are not normally suitable for: • children who exhibit aggressive or violent behaviour;
• children who require acute medical care e.g. intravenous therapy (with the exception of total parenteral nutrition);
• those on an active oncology treatment phase which causes frequent neutropenia;
• children who have pre-existing co-morbidities requiring regular acute medical input;
• children with unstable diabetes.

Admission criteria for The Children's Trust School

We are able to consider children and young people for long term placements or requiring an assessment placement (we would expect a minimum placement of one year for those staying with us residentially) who have been diagnosed with one or more of the following:
• A brain injury or disorder that affects neurological function;
• Global delay or profound and multiple learning difficulties;
• Severe learning difficulties;
• Sensory impairments (visual impairment, hearing impairment, multisensory impairment etc.);
• Degenerative conditions;
• Complex health and medical needs;
• Tracheostomy;
• Assisted ventilation;
• Complex medication regimes;
• Epilepsy. For further information on The Children's Trust School and our admission policy, please click here.