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Bags of love
A bit about Bags of Love: We at Bags of Love are all about making personalised gifts with your memories. Since we started over 15 years ago, we've always stood by our values to provide lovingly made gifts in-house, using locally sourced materials and a specialist printing process that helps to protect the environment. We care a lot about sustainability, an ethical workspace, and our processes are eco-friendly. We regularly support charities local communities. This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate every dad being an everyday hero for his kids, and to enjoy everything that’s great about becoming a dad – his children’s first step, first word, watching them come third last in a cross-country race (it’s not all easy!). But ultimately, to always be there and support his children. Alongside every successful mom is a father who wants the best for his child, leading by example and never giving up – a real hero. Our idea is to encourage the kids to draw or paint a picture of their dad as a hero, whether it’s a superhero like Batman, their favourite movie character, or simply their dad in a hero cape! We would then transform these images into handmade gifts. Simply upload the designs to your very own online shop on our website which we’ll help you create, showcasing the kids' marvellous creations on everything from mugs to clothing. Every purchase from your store would create proceeds which will go directly to your charity. We specialise in creating personalised photo gifts on demand. Since we started about 15 years ago, we’ve always stood by our values to support local communities. We believe that each piece of a child’s artwork is an imagination wrapped in innocent wonder. We’ve worked with a lot of amazing charities over the last few years (Alzheimer Research UK, Dreams Come True, and Roald Dahl Marvellous Charity) – you can find out more here - and families who have children with disabilities and illnesses.