Leighton and the Brain Injury Community Service

Leighton was diagnosed with an acquired brain injury when he was in secondary school following surgery for a temporal lobe brain tumour. Following surgery Leighton and his family noticed he was having a number of difficulties with his thinking skills, communication skills, emotional well-being and behaviour.

Why was Leighton referred to us?

Leighton was referred to The Children’s Trust’s Brain Injury Community service by his community paediatrician due to changes in his academic abilities and concerns around his behaviour in school. His behaviour meant he was only attending on an ad-hoc basis and he was frequently excluded, he was very unhappy in school.  Leighton was socially isolated in school and in the community due to his difficulties and the level of support he required to keep himself safe. This had led to some involvement with the police and exclusion from school trips.

What support did Leighton receive?

Funding was agreed for the Brain Injury Community Service team to complete an interdisciplinary assessment with Leighton, followed by a programme of support. Leighton was assessed by our neuropsychologist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist to determine his strengths and difficulties following his acquired brain injury. He was also assessed in his school environment. We identified that Leighton was having particular difficulties with his memory, attention, fatigue, impulsivity and social communication skills. His memory problems were having a significant impact on his progress in school. Following the assessment, meetings were held with Leighton’s family, school and local professionals to explain the results and specific recommendations were provided to support his difficulties. A programme of support was put in place and carried out over a 12 month period. During this time we helped Leighton, his family, school and local professionals to understand more about his acquired brain injury and the impact it was having on his ability to function within his home, school and community. We helped the adults supporting Leighton to implement specific strategies in relation to his cognitive, communication and behaviour difficulties. We worked with Leighton to introduce strategies to support his memory and attended meetings with Leighton and his family regarding his educational needs and transition into college.


Leighton’s assessment and programme of support resulted in many positive changes for Leighton and his family.
  • A new school was found for Leighton that was able to meet his needs
  • Leighton was able to attend school full time and there were no incidents of exclusion or police involvement
  • Leighton found a new group of friends and reported being much happier in school
  • Teaching assistant support was set up for Leighton in his lessons, he started to participate more and enjoy his lessons
  • Leighton successfully attended residential trips with the school
  • Leighton successfully transitioned to college and works as a volunteer in The Children’s Trust shop in Canterbury at weekends.
Contact the Brain Injury Community Service on 01737 365 864
‘‘“Before The Children's Trust got involved, I was only at school for an hour a day because I was considered to have behaviour issues. But The Children's Trust helped me get into a school which was suited for my needs. They also help people to understand my difficulties. Now I am in my second year at college, doing performing arts and I have recently completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award - if The Children's Trust had not have helped me, my life would of been so different”’’Leighton‘‘“I found The Children's Trust site after being told to look for rehab for brain surgery. As soon as I started reading some of the case studies it started to fall into place. Throughout the time we were supported beyond what we could ever hope for. They made me feel like I wasn't going mad and helped put into perspective what was going on with Leighton due to surgery. The Children's Trust made us a family again and for that I'll be forever thankful”’’Pam, Leighton’s mum

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