Camps & Clubs: make a difference

Brianna Middleton-MacPherson

How could you make a difference to the lives of children with brain injury and neurodisability?

We’re looking for enthusiastic and out-going people to sign up to volunteer at our Camps & Clubs. We run monthly Saturday Clubs and Holiday Camps in the Spring, Summer and Winter as respite for children and young people with brain injuries and neurodisability who live across the country. Our Camps & Clubs focus on children having experiences that are meaningful for them - activities are wide and varied, themes include scavenger hunts, science experiments, multi-sensory groups, messy food play and visiting entertainers. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop skills in child caring roles or study Nursing, Child Development, Psychology or Therapy. Megan, pictured above, who volunteered at the Summer Camp in 2017, tells us about her experience and how volunteering helped her on her way to university.

Why did you choose to volunteer with The Children’s Trust?

I choose to volunteer at The Children’s Trust in particular because of how unique the volunteering experience was and that it was going to be really valuable. I was looking for some work experience and it was brilliant in assuring me that I was looking at going into the right degree at university.

Do you think volunteering at The Children’s Trust will help you on your way to your future career?

I am hoping to study speech and language therapy, and so volunteering for The Children’s Trust will definitely help with this as it allows me to be exposed to the sort of thing I will be expecting in my career as a Speech and Language Therapist.

Would you recommend volunteering at The Children’s Trust Camps & Clubs?

Definitely! It was a brilliant way to spend some time during my summer holidays and was a lot of fun, and something really unique so it was a great opportunity. I really enjoy volunteering because it is so fulfilling to help others and make a difference to someone else, be it big or small. It also really helped to build my confidence.