Emily Carey Takes On #MyBrave

Emily Carey

Today I completed #MyBrave challenge for The Children's Trust, a charity that supports children with brain injury. It was a huge personal challenge abseiling and a 120 metre zip wire, I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone but ended up having such an amazing time and left pumped with adrenaline. So many people over social media have called me inspirational for doing my challenge. While I feel flattered and hopeful that seeing my challenge has inspired them to get involved, I also want to tell you that I am not especially inspirational but very much inspired. It began as a research trip into my character Grace's brain injury storyline on BBC Casualty. From the moment I walked into the centre at Tadworth in Surrey, I knew I wanted to keep in touch and do as much as I could to help. The sheer bravery of the children, their families and all of the staff was more than enough to inspire me to want to help, to embrace every moment of happiness and to just live life to the full every day. I get to leave Grace and her injuries at the studio and walk away because as an actress I tell the story of someone completely different to myself, but this is a scary reality for these children. I was so honoured to be invited back to The Children’s Trust to launch the #MyBrave campaign at their Easter Fair! It was there that I met Coco, one of the children whose story is featured in the campaign. Coco is adorable. The first thing I noticed was her smile. She was beaming and quite cheeky. She has been through such a tough journey having a stroke so young and relearning to do everything we all take for granted, yet she is still smiling. How could anyone not be inspired by her story. I hope that soon young people from across the whole world will be inspired so the next generation of adults will be the best yet! So to be seen as inspirational, you need to be inspired. I hope that by doing my challenge I have passed on the inspiration and someone else will take on a challenge and inspire someone else and create positivity everywhere. Feeling inspired? Take on your own #MyBrave challenge.