Employee volunteering

The Children's Trust supports thousands of children and their families across the UK. Our vision is that all children with brain injury will have the opportunity to live the best life possible. Our volunteers are essential to helping us reach this goal, and we offer numerous opportunities to get involved. Previous partners have created beautiful gardens, organised Christmas parties and performed pantomimes for our children and their families to enjoy. Some companies have offered their professional skills to us, including marketing, web and I.T. services, and others come to The Children's Trust to learn new skills themselves. A previous partner even arranged a networking lunch for us. Common to each one of them however, is the first impression created when they visit us. The Children's Trust truly is a unique place, and the positive atmosphere created by the children we support is incredibly contagious. Some volunteering activities companies have taken part in with us include: Gardening challenge Fundraising challenge  The Apprentice challenge Top of the Shops challenge

Many of the children and families we support reside at our headquarters in Tadworth, Surrey, a 25 acre site which needs constant maintenance.

Gardening challenge

Our gardening challenges are designed to give corporate teams a worthwhile and fun experience, working together as a team to produce brilliant results. With your help we can create the ideal sensory environment for our children and their families to enjoy. Aims
  • To assist our two gardeners in the up-keep of our 25 acre site.
  • To develop our grounds in the most low-maintenance way possible.
  • To create an attractive and stimulating environment for both the children and their families.
Benefits to your company
  • Our gardening challenges have proved to be good team building and morale boosting activities.
  • Opportunity for different departments to work together as one.
  • A break from the office which could boost motivation on return.
  • The knowledge that you are making a real difference to the children and their families.
Typical gardening challenge day 09.00 Team arrive on site, teas and coffees served 09.30 Presentation by The Children's Trust corporate team about the charity 10.00 Team head into the gardens with Head Gardener 12.00 Break for lunch 12.30 Work resumes on site 14.30 Tea and coffees 15.45 Tools cleared and returned 16.00 Depart

Fundraising challenge

We ask that companies organise a fundraising activity in advance of their day in order to raise the funds that can help us to cover the costs to the Children's Trust of the running of the day, plants and materials. Case study We were approached by a large software company wishing to find a day's volunteering opportunity for approximately 40 staff. Prior to coming on site they split themselves into teams of 10 or less with one team leader per team. Each team was allocated a task, such as clearing an area, weeding an area, planting a hedge, clearing leaves with a blower, changing bedding plants, planting out pots and even building a bonfire for the fireworks party. The company donated £8,000 to be used for future projects.

The Apprentice challenge

The Apprentice Challenge is designed to create an exciting and competitive day for your employees, encouraging team building and positivity. Once in your teams, you will be set the task of collecting as many items as possible from a list provided, which includes items for our children and families as well as items that can be used as prizes in raffles and auctions. Have you got what it takes? Your challenge objectives will be:
  • To collect as many items as possible from our list provided.
  • To stay within your set times and budgets (set beforehand).
  • To use your negotiation and interpersonal skills to get as many items for free or within your budget.
  • To work together as a team.
  • To be the winning team.
Five benefits to you
  • Team building.
  • Boosting morale.
  • Opportunity for departments to work together as one.
  • The knowledge that you are making a real difference.
  • Fun, fun, fun!
What The Children's Trust will provide
  • Advice and support to organise the day
  • A letter of authority
  • The Children's Trust branded T-shirts or badges
  • A shopping list of ideas

Top of the Shops challenge

For those with a competitive streak! The Children's Trust has 23 high street shops across Surrey, Kent and West Sussex. Teams can compete against each other to raise maximum sales, exercising their negotiation and communications skills, and drawing customers in through inventive persuasion techniques and use of our shop windows. The team with the highest percentage sales increase will be announced the winner but the judges will also score the teams on how they have marketed the shop, the number of volunteers recruited and donations made as well as more creative elements such as window displays. If you would like to organise a volunteering opportunity for your company, please contact us via email or on 01737 365 022.

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