Every penny counts!

Brianna Middleton-MacPherson

If you have ever placed a few pennies in one of The Children’s Trust collection boxes we would like to say a big thank you to you. Did you know each year the collection boxes raise over £75,500? We have a wonderful collection box team who place the boxes, collect them and count them. We would like to introduce you to one of our longest standing volunteers Derek. Derek has been volunteering with the collection box team at The Children’s Trust for 18 years. During that time they have raised a phenomenal £1,179,815.65! Derek started volunteering as he wanted to do something worthwhile with his time when he retired. He spent most of his career in finance, ending up as regional manager for Lloyds bank, managing budgets and staff. Derek finds volunteering rewarding, particularly sorting through foreign coins and likes that he can manage his own time and output. He has built great relationships with staff and volunteers and enjoys working with a small team, particularly the camaraderie and fun they have whilst making a substantial contribution to The Children’s Trust. So what does a typical day as a collection box coordinator look like? Derek arrives at The Children’s Trust at 09.30am, after a coffee he will count up the foreign coins ready to be picked up and exchanged for sterling. He will then go out on a pre-arranged round in one of The Children’s Trust vehicles. This could be anywhere within Surrey, Kent, Sussex or Hampshire. On the rounds he will talk to shopkeepers, exchange hopefully very full collection boxes and swap them with empty ones and endeavour to increase income by seeking new shops to hold collection boxes. After a full day out the team will drive back and cross check the charity boxes enabling the counters to tie up the money received from the shops. Our collection box team is growing, but we need more volunteers to help us reach our target of £75,500 The money raised by our box collectors directly contributes to funding our services to support children and young people with brain injury and neurodisability. Our collection box volunteers are a small but mighty team – if you would like to join them please contact the Volunteering Team here or apply online here and help us make a difference to children with brain injury. Tony and Tim are part of the box collecting team