Facts and figures

Things you might not know about The Children's Trust and the children we support.
  • The Children's Trust is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury.
  • Every year we help thousands of children, young people and families from right across the UK.
  • The latest NHS figures estimate that over 40,000 children suffer an acquired brain injury every year.
  • We work with children who have had a brain injury for all kinds of reasons. Often it's the result of a road accident, but we also see children who have been affected by meningitis, stroke, a brain tumour or cardiac arrest. We also work with children who were born with their disabilities.
  • Every brain injury is different. Most children eventually make a good recovery and won't need long-term support. But an estimated 5,000 will need help with ongoing difficulties. Often these issues aren't visible and for this reason acquired brain injury is sometimes called 'the hidden disability'. In the most severe cases children will be left with significant physical disabilities and learning difficulties.
  • The Children's Trust is there for all these children. Our intensive rehabilitation service helps children with severe brain injury to make the best recovery they can. Our community-based services help children make a successful return to school after a brain injury. And our Brain Injury Hub is a vital source of information and advice to parents all over the country.
  • We couldn't do all this without your support. We need to raise over £8 million every year to keep our services running and develop innovative news ways to reach more children and families.
  • Our specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey is best known as the home of our national brain injury rehabilitation service, but here we also provide education and medical care for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs.
  • Over 500 staff and volunteers offer care, support and advice to children and families every hour of every day, all year round.
  • We became an independent charity in 1984. Before that we were the country branch of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. You can read more about our history here.
  • For more information about childhood brain injury, visit our Brain Injury Hub.

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