Festive Recipe

Festive Melting Snowman Recipe 

Holding a tea party for Festive Friday? We have got together the perfect Festive recipe that you can use! See the delicious treats below to see the recipe to make your own. Melting Snowman Biscuits Ingredients 200g fondant icing sugar 6 white marshmallows 6 large cookies 24 mini chocolate beans 6 pretzel sticks  Tube black writing icing  Methed
  1. Put the icing sugar into a bowl and add cold water a teaspoon at a time until the mixture is runny but thick enough to coat a spoon.
  2. Ask an adult to snip the marshmallows in half using wetted scissors.
  3. Spoon a little icing onto each cookie and attach half a marshmallow. Using a little icing, stick the other half on top at an angle. Drizzle a little more icing onto the cookie to make melting snow.
  4. Break the pretzel sticks in half and place on the cookie for arms. Stick orange chocolate beans on for the noses. Stick three chocolate beans on each cookie to represent buttons.
  5. Using the writing icing, pipe small blobs for the eyes and mouth. Leave to set.

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