Fundraising ideas for schools and teachers

Stephen Bain

Fundraising in schools can be a fantastic opportunity for students to roll up their sleeves, have some fun and to learn vital lessons about making positive changes in their community. Raising money for The Children’s Trust using these fundraising ideas for schools means you’ll be supporting the leading charity for children with brain injury and our mission of giving all children with brain injury and neurodisability the best lives possible. Below is a list of suggestions that we hope will provide inspiration as well as tonnes of excitement!

Arts & Crafts

Paint a picture of your pet or parents

Art encourages creativity and imagination by allowing children and young people the chance to express themselves and have control over their work. Why not arrange for them to paint a special picture of those that are nearest and dearest to them and sell them at an art auction?

Face painting

Select someone who is confident with facepaint and let them lose with their brush.
Face painting can be a great school fundraiser
Facepainting can be fun for you and the whole class - it's also a great way to raise funds for your chosen charity.

Fancy dress

Encourage your students to come into school as their favourite characters from books or history lessons. Better yet, you could encourage them to put their creative hats on and design their own costumes based on some of the things they’re learning in class!

In the community

Bag-packing at local supermarket

The importance of helping others is one of the most important lessons you can teach. Setting aside a morning to help shoppers through the tills will give your students a sense of well-being and teaches them about being active in their local town or village.
Girl looking in bag
Bag packing can teach more than just how to support a good cause!


Bake sale

A tried and tested favourite. The good old bake sale promotes teamwork for among students and teaches that cakes are not always made by mum or dad! Whether your students are chefs-in-the-making or simply have a sweet tooth, a sale of homemade cakes and biscuits is guaranteed to go down a treat.  Holding a bake sale at your school is a great idea when it comes to fundraisingA charity bake sale at your school is sure to go down a treat!

Taste testing

It’s always a great experience discovering something new – particularly when it comes to food!  Trying wide range of different flavours can help to develop a child’s palate and can encourage healthy eating habits and a taste for a broad, balanced diet. A taste-testing afternoon would be a great way to introduce pupils to some weird and wonderful cuisine.  

Design a Healthy Picnic

Encourage pupils to think about foods that are nutritious and tasty. Ask them to draw or paint a picnic basket featuring their favourite healthy snacks and drinks.

Breakfast Club

We’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. A healthy breakfast provides children and young people with the vital energy that they need to focus on their lessons during the day ahead. A healthy breakfast club could be a great way for kids to get some much needed fuel before classes begin.  


The Children's Trust bouncing ball symbol
Five-a-side football

Sport is a great way to get students involved in exercise and many students enjoy a kick-around in the playground or play in a school team. You could arrange a friendly charity five-a-side (or more!) match for those who are particularly passionate about the beautiful game.

Three-legged race

Pupils are encouraged to work together in this event that definitely puts the FUN in fundraising.

Seasonal fundraising ideas

Easter Egg treasure hunt

Teamwork and organisation (and chocolatey treats) will be taken home after students organise their own Easter Egg hunt.
A wall of Easter Eggs donated by local schools as part of their fundraising efforts
 A wall of Easter Eggs donated by schools across the country at our Easter Fair.

Summer sports day

The annual sports day is usually a big event for any school and encourages pupils to not only improve their fitness but also compete with one-another in a healthy way. Why not incorporate a little fundraising into the day?

Christmas Quiz

This is one that can be applied to any age group and is easy to set up. Give your students an opportunity to test their general knowledge. Pick a theme that pupils can relate to, set the questions and give the winning team a prize.
Christmas Quiz twist: split the class into teams and get them to quiz each other!


Sponsored silence

This is an opportunity for children to exercise some... restraint and self-discipline by holding a sponsored silence for either an afternoon or even a whole day!
Silence is golden, so have a sponsored one at your school! Photo by Lyn Lomasi, Flickr
Shhh! Photo by Lyn Lomasi, Flickr

Sponsored read

Whether we’re reading or being read to, books allow our imaginations to flow as our minds paint a picture of the words we see and hear. Why not encourage older schoolchildren to hold a reading afternoon for younger classmates? Find out more about fundraising for The Children's Trust at your school.