Information needs of children and young people with an acquired brain injury


Following the success of the Brain Injury Hub for adults, we wanted to find out the information needs of children and young people following a brain injury.

Research outline

Children and young people took part in this study. It had three parts – an on-line survey, a focus group and one-one interviews. The children and young people were asked about their information needs following a brain injury. In particular they were asked about what they would like to know, when they would like to know it and how would they like the information delivered.

Outcome or update

The data collection is complete. The children and young people shared that they would like a range of resources that could be delivered at different stages of recovery, for those of different ages. They said that they liked our book (Heads Up Tim Tron!) and said they would like to hear real life stories of children and young people who had gone back to school, gone to university, started driving and so on. We are talking to HealthTalk ( about making a resource on their website with testimonies from children and young people. We will apply for a grant together to do the research for this project. The results of this study were shared last year at two conference - the European Academy of Childhood Disability in May 2015 and the First International Paediatric Brain Injury Society conference in September 2015. We are preparing to publish the results in an academic journal.


Ian Ray, Creative Director, ITWHealth
Clair Cobbold, Information Officer, Brain Injury Hub
Dr Carolyn Dunford, Head of Therapy and Research
Lorna Wales, Senior Research Associate
Katy James, Head of Brain Injury Community Service
Maria Coyle, Information Editor