Lycra suit case study project


The research aims to find out if wearing a lycra suit improves balance (when standing) in children with acquired brain injury. The study will be looking at immediate improvements in balance, rather than long term. Evidence suggests that lycra suits improve balance in some children with cerebral palsy, but the evidence is limited. Our research is important because there is no information available about the effects of wearing a lycra suit for children with acquired brain injury (our client group). If lycra suits are effective, they can be used to help our clients struggling with balance.

Research outline

Over the next 3 years, 20 children will be involved in the study:
  • When children attend the gait laboratory in Kingston, their balance will be measured before and after the lycra suit is fitted, to see whether there is an immediate positive improvement.
  • The balance of the children will be studied using data from a balance plate.
The results gained from this research will be evidence about the benefits of lycra suits for children with acquired brain injury. If a positive improvement is found, our evidence will help to get funding for this kind of equipment when it is needed.


An ethics committee approved this study and we have started to recruit children.