NHS commissioning

Health placements at The Children's Trust are funded in a number of ways. Where applicable, neurorehabilitation placements are funded in England by NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and by the respective health authorities for children from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Step-down, residential short breaks and specialist health placements for children with complex health needs or who are technology dependent are often funded by CCGs and/or social care. Whichever authority pays for the cost of the treatment, you can rest assured that this will all happen behind the scenes between the funder and The Children’s Trust, meaning that you can concentrate on being a parent or member of a clinical team and not have to worry about another big challenge.

NHS England

The Children’s Trust is the only paediatric rehabilitation centre outside of an acute hospital setting appointed by NHS England to deliver specialist neurorehabilitation to children in England who meet National Specialist Commissioning eligibility criteria for category A rehabilitation (which is the criteria the children with the most severe brain injuries are categorised as). If a child meets this criteria, funding is automatically available should a place be offered. You can read more about National Specialist Commissioning criteria here. We will assess any child referred for rehabilitation within 10 working days, during which their needs are reviewed in line with the category A rehabilitation criteria. Planning for a child’s return home begins before they even arrive with us and we work with our community counterparts to ensure the transition home is as smooth as possible. We are obliged by NHS England to inform CCGs and community teams when a child is offered a funded rehabilitation programme to support a comprehensive discharge plan.

Clinical Commissioning Groups and Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Children who do not meet the NHS England funding criteria (category A) can still benefit from specialist rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust under category B funding.  Should a place be offered, these placements are funded by local health authorities through their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and/or social care. Placements for children from Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are funded via their respective health bodies, across all categories of severity.. For further information on NHS commissioning and how placements are funded, please contact our Placements and Commissioning team on 01737 365080, email or fax 01737 365084.