North Downs Primary School charity week

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Every year North Downs Primary school do a charity week where the year 6 children get into groups and decide on a charity they'd like to raise money for. The children then arrange a school fair where they all run thier own charity stall in the school playground, getting all the children and their parents involved.   Halle, Maddie, Mariella and Alice decided to choose The Children’s Trust as it was a special place for special children and Halle knew her mummy once loved working there.   The girls decided that they would do a sponsored dance where they had to continually dance for one hour. Each of them asked their family and friends to sponsor them. On the day of the school fair the girls held a raffle with the main prize being a brand new VAX Vacuum which was kindly donated. They also sold cakes, books and popcorn where in total they raised £950. The girls loved this experience at school and getting to visit the place they had raised money for made it even more special!
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