Refer a child

We currently have bed availability at The Children’s Trust for neurorehabilitation, step-down placements and short breaks.

Neurorehabilitation placements

Our neurorehabilitation placements are flexible and adapt to the need of each child. As one of the only paediatric facilities in the country outside of an acute hospital setting that can provide the most complex rehabilitation in the UK, our national specialist centre is the largest in the UK. Read more...

Step-down placements

Our step-down placements are for children and young people up to 18 years old who are medically stable and need transition from hospital to home. We are able to support a range of degenerative conditions and complex health needs, for example following neurosurgical procedures, cardiac surgery, spinal surgery and prolonged stays in ITU. We can also manage children with tracheostomies and long term ventilation as well as TPN, as well as providing support to babies who need transitional support from neonatal intensive care to home. Read more...       

Short breaks

We can also accommodate short breaks (respite) offering flexible, nurse-led care for children and young people aged 0-18 allowing them to enjoy time away from home or hospital whilst continuing to be cared for by trained staff. Read more...

Funding for placements

We are the UK’s only dedicated paediatric neurorehabilitation provider outside the NHS with a national specialist commissioning contract to deliver neurorehabilitation in conjunction with NHS England. This provide a fast-track process as funding flows automatically for children and young people who meet the criteria. For all other placements, we deal with all elements of funding and apply to the appropriate CCG/local authority or regional NHS to secure this. We are also able to accept private placements and work collaboratively with insurers, lawyers, case managers and handlers offering flexibility that meets the needs of the child, their family and the funder. For further information and to enquiry about a placement, please click here or email