Referral pathway

The Children's Trust provides specialist rehabilitation for children with brain injury, neuro-disability and complex health needs. We have a dedicated Placements and Commissioning Team available Monday – Friday to ensure your referral and subsequent placement is managed efficiently. How do I refer a child? The Children’s Trust receive a significant number of referrals from a variety of different health professionals, private funding bodies and families. Should you have any questions about the referral process, please do not hesitate to contact the Placements and Commissioning team. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this page. Our referral commitments for residential or outpatient health placements
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your referral within 24 hours.
  • We will arrange and undertake an assessment within 10 working days of receiving a referral - subject to admissions criteria and suitability of our services to meet the child's needs.
  • We will provide a comprehensive report and recommendations within 5 working days of assessment.
  • We will work with the relevant organisations that fund treatment to secure the funding to place the child for treatment
  • We will liaise with funders reporting updates on the placement and regarding discharge planning.
 Who will pay for the placement? We work with a variety of different funding bodies (from the NHS and local clinical commissioning groups, to international embassies and health insurance companies) to ensure that a child’s placement is funded appropriately. The Children’s Trust is the only facility outside of an acute hospital setting that can provide the most complex rehabilitation in the UK and is the largest paediatric neurorehabilitation unit of its kind. Depending on the child’s needs for rehabilitation and where they are coming to us for treatment from, we will work closely with the funding body in order for you to focus on the child’s health and wellbeing at that point in time. for further information on funding placements please click here. To refer a child to any of our services, please click a link below to complete a referral form. Alternatively you can contact our Placements and Commissioning team on 01737 365 080 or