Simplyhealth, Simply fantastic!

Jane Shufflebotham

Health insurance provider Simplyhealth made another incredible donation to The Children’s Trust in August. The company, who have now supported us for three years running, donated £30,558 to help fund our Music Therapy programme. They will be funding a full-time Music Therapist for a year plus two therapeutic instruments. The first one is a Handpan drum (pictured above), a handmade convex steel drum that has the capacity to create many layers and depth of sound and is great for children with disabilities. The second is the Sounding Bowl which is a handcrafted, uniquely powerful music therapy and healing instrument. Simplyhealth are themselves a unique company as they donate 10% of their pre-tax profits to charitable causes every year and in 2016 they donated £1.6million pounds! In the last three years they have donated nearly £100,000 to The Children's Trust, funding our Play and Music Therapy programmes. We cannot thank them enough for their incredible support that makes such a difference to the lives of the children we care for. Every year The Children’s Trust relies on the incredible generosity and involvement of corporate partners. To find out more or to get involved, visit the corporate partners section of our website.