A Thank you to The Light Fund

The Children's Trust Blogger

We were delighted to receive a donation of £5000 from The Light Fund recently. They have supported us for many years now and since 2004 they have donated over £120,000 to The Children’s Trust. Not to mention the huge amount of items they donate each year that include toys, clothes, books, and much more. This year the £5000 donation will pay for three brand new shower trolleys for two of our houses. Michael Humphrey-Jones, Head of Chestnut House, at The Children's Trust said: “We are so happy to be able to buy three of these specialised shower trolleys. They really do make a huge difference to the child’s experience. They are contoured and padded to ensure that the child is as well supported and comfortable as possible. They are also adjustable so you can raise their legs or have them in a sitting position. Crucially, they have a small holder in which the shower head can be placed so while they are being washed by the nurse or carer they can still have the shower water flowing on to them. "This helps to keep them warm and means they can experience the sensation of the water throughout their shower . The trolleys also conduct their body heat so they are kept warm at all times. An example of the profound difference this can make is seen in James* who has difficulties in controlling his body temperate and often suffers from hypothermia. He was able to use one of these new shower trolleys and it meant that the team never had to do anything additional to keep him warm like we have had to do in the past. Thank you so much to the Lightfund for allowing us to purchase these so that we can give more of the children a happy showering experience every day.”  The Light Fund was created back in 2004 sparked an idea by Jakki Brown and Ian Hyder (co-owners of Max Publishing) to create an industrywide charity body that would raise monies to fund worthwhile charity projects to help children, women and men. Together with a group of like-minded people from the UK licensing industry, The Light Fund committee was formed and the fundraising commenced! Thank you so much to everyone at The Light Fund. *Name has been changed.