Take five minutes to nominate us for the £1m Sun Reader’s Fund and you could help us to win £20,000 to help children with brain injury and neurodisability! All you need to do is complete an online form and explain in no more than 400 words, why you think we should receive a donation, what it could pay for and how much we should receive. Short on time? You can copy our suggested wording and paste it into the nomination form.  Step 1: Head to The Sun’s Thanks a Million page (The Sun 50th birthday), scroll down and you’ll see this box, tick all three boxes and click next. Step 2: Fill out your details and press next. Step 3: Add our details Charity name: The Children’s Trust Charity Registration Number: 288018 Contact Name: Ruth Wilkinson Charity email:  Charity phone number: 01737364391 Charity category: Children and young people Step 4: Here is our suggested wording, but you can write your own reasons for choosing us or include your personal experiences within this. What does your charity do? 
Every 15 minutes a child in the UK has an accident or illness that causes a life-changing brain injury. The Children’s Trust gives children from across the UK the opportunity to live the best life possible, providing specialist care and intensive rehabilitation to help children and families learn to live with a brain injury. Many of these children and families were living everyday lives until their world was turned upside down. Brain injury can leave a child unable to walk, talk, feed themselves or breathe independently. Children often arrive at The Children’s Trust directly from a long stay in hospital, they need specialist equipment as soon as they arrive to support their individual needs and start them on the journey to living their best lives. These children desperately need equipment that will work for them, reducing their discomfort and giving them the chance to move again. The Children’s Trust urgently needs to fund equipment to help these children relearn how to eat, talk and walk again as part of specialist therapy programmes. Equipment like wheelchairs, standing frames and adapted bicycles could be the reason a child can take their first independent movements after a brain injury. 38 years ago The Sun campaigned to save Tadworth Court (now The Children’s Trust) from closure. The campaign ‘Give a Tiddler, Save a Toddler’ saw Sun readers come together to give The Children’s Trust a chance to make a difference for children with neurodisability and brain injury. £20,000 from The Sun in 2020 could transform the experiences for children they support with the right equipment for their rehabilitation. How would they use the donation? £8,500 could fund a standing frame, crucial to helping children stand for the first time since injury. £6000 could fund an adapted trike, so that children of all abilities are given the chance to safely cycle again, just like their friends and siblings. £4,500 could fund a powered wheelchair, so children can learn to control their own movements and not rely on a carer or parent to push them around. £1000 could fund a sling that helps children move safely from their wheelchair to other activities, meaning they can leave their chair and access activities like hydrotherapy and play therapy. Thank you so much for considering this nomination! END OF NOMINATION
Step 5: Press Enter! Thank you for nominating us, your personal support means so much and we’re really hopeful that we might be able to receive this donation, we’ll let you know how it goes!

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