The lowdown from The Children's Trust Professional Showcase

Rachel Beresford-Ward

In March 2017, I attended The Children's Trust Professional Showcase. I was greeted by therapists, teachers and senior staff members. After helping myself to a hot drink and biscuit, I explored the hall. There were pieces of technology dotted around and display tables filled with information. Sensory technology The magic carpet caught my attention so I wandered over where a therapist was explaining how it is used and how it benefits the children/young people. It was mesmerising to watch how when lightly rolling a ball across it, created so many ripples. The magic carpet is a fantastic sensory learning tool with the capacity to engage children of all abilities, meaning no child is left out. The system projects interactive games and images onto the floor that users can play with, simply by moving on or over the projected image. The technology allows a child with little or no mobility to have an image or game projected on a sheet over them which they can play with, or a child with limited mobility to have a game projected onto their wheelchair tray.
The above video is an example of the magic carpet technology and the video creator is not associated with The Children’s Trust Welcome to The Children’s Trust Professional Showcase After networking and having an Eye-gaze trial, I headed over to my seat. The Head Teacher, Sam Newton welcomed us all and explained the itinerary for the day. The presentation began with Launa Randles, the Deputy Head explaining the curriculum, ImPACTS and ECT. It was interesting listening to how learning targets were measured and factors that might affect the outcome. The next set of slides were talked through by various therapists and we were introduced to the ‘Tiered Model’. They explained how it was implemented across all therapies and was very child focused. We were shown a lovely video of a music therapy session and how the impact of regular singing helped introduce the morning routine. Sam then introduced us to one of the parents. She spoke honestly about what she wanted for her daughter and her expectations from a school. She finished by saying that The Children's Trust School fulfilled her needs and she had full trust in the teaching and care staff as they understood her daughter as well as her complex needs.  Sam then thanked her and we had a break whilst watching a wonderful, moving video (above) of the children/young people and staff. We were then invited to have a tour around The School and site before lunch. Overall, this day was a credit to all the staff and amazing children/young people who go here. Click here to view more information on upcoming events