Tribute Funds

Opening a named Tribute Fund can be a positive way to remember the life of a loved one, and at the same time help children with brain injury.

At The Children's Trust; more and more we are receiving enquiries from those wishing to make regular donations to remember, and celebrate, the life of someone special. When families or friends open a Tribute Funds, it is often the beginning of an on-going supporter relationship. Donations might be to remember special dates, anniversaries or simply wanting to give regularly (perhaps monthly, annually).
You can decide. Contributions to the fund can be made by anyone, at any time. Often contributions are the proceeds of a fundraising event or activity for which you are sponsored. The A-Z of possibilities is endless, here are just a few ideas to get you inspired:
  • cake sales
  • quizzes
  • running a marathon
  • cycling event
  • skydive
  • abseiling
  • sponsored silence
  • and we are sure you'll have plenty of ideas of your own!
Tribute Funds can remain open indefinitely or until such time you choose to close it. Each year we let you know your fund total and details of the projects the fund has helped us to achieve. To open your Tribute Fund simply call Chloe on 01737 364 329 or email 

Sarah's Tribute Fund

Jack and Elizabeth Bond chose to support The Children's Trust in memory of their daughter, Sarah (pictured).  Here is their story;
Photo of Sarah
"Sarah was just 23 when she left in July 2008 for a ten-month working holiday in New Zealand and Australia. It seemed like such a long time for her to be away but we knew she would have a great time and time would go quickly - we would soon be hearing all about it. Sarah was a great storyteller and her indomitable spirit and zest for life were part of her 'trademark'. Twelve days after she left, Sarah was killed in a quad bike accident. Shock, disbelief, horror are only some of the words that begin to describe the nightmare our family is living through. Very quickly, money was being raised at the bank where Sarah had worked by day and also at the bar she had worked in the evenings and weekends to fund her trip. Family, friends and all of our workmates were donating money and we had little idea of what to do with it. There are so many worthy causes out there but it was vitally important to us to choose one that we felt Sarah would approve of. After much research, we finally chose The Children's Trust as we believed the remarkable work they do fitted our purpose. As a family, we feel Sarah would be proud to know money raised in her name was doing so much good to help to improve and change lives. Whilst losing Sarah has left such an immeasurable hole in our lives we know our association with The Children's Trust is a positive move forward."
You can raise money for a tribute fund in all sorts of ways- including bake sales

Three easy ways to change a child's life

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